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One Ring Stillness
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A stillness community for the Lord of the Rings

- This is a stillness community, so absolutely no animation.
- You have to be a member to enter in the challenges.
- You do not have to be a member to vote.
- Enter only new icons you make.
- When submitting an icon, post the image and URL.
- Icons have to fit LJ requirements.
- Do not post the icons anywhere else before the challenge is over, otherwise you will be disqualified for that challenge
- If you would like to use an icon, please ask in the post where we announce the winners to that challenge.
- Other rules may be added for a specific challenge. They will be in the challenge post.

Enter your images like this:
lord of the rings

Here is a form you can use to enter your icons:


Monday: Current challenge voting is posted.
Wednesday: Results are posted. New challenge is posted.

The challenges are on a rotation through the trilogy: FotR, TTT, RotK. With other themes thrown in every so often, like character challenges.


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